Rockstar Games: Watch the GTA Online Official Gameplay Video

IlikeBball234: GTA Online > Get car blown up >Get spawn killed by douchebag in tank >Getting chased and shot at by 10 year old in a chrome adder >Get shot at by any player in the same vicinity >Constantly getting chased by police Basically the online is full of potential , but there is lots of immature idiots who play it who ruin the game for everyone else. I know its called grand theft auto for a reason , but if you want to go around killing people all session how about go play deathmatch instead.

airman2020iop: Am I the only one that kind of misses the wait for GTA 5? I remember always looking for news about it and watching closely for new game trailers.

TheA2930: I really hope that the people playing online on PC will be less immature than on consoles (they probably will be)

Julian Acabal: I wish they added more interiors. I'd love to go inside the Rockford Plaza or the Maze Bank Arena

RapidPiqq: All they had to do was add friendly sessions (like in RDR) at the launch of GTA Online, then they would've had a more trustworthy community. But no, they fucked it up by never adding the feature and instead gave us a shitty passive mode that couldn't even protect a player half the time. Now we're stuck with having to always look over over backs and killing the first player that ever so much as looks in our direction. 

Fj Moore: rockstar help. whenever I join I just hear 10 year old british kids screaming while driving around in chrome vehicles. then I get kicked

Keegan Gidley: >joins >gets blown up instantly >respawns >gets run over >continues getting run over >dies >respawns >gets run over again >process continues

Ross Geller: 1:13 "Tackle a Heist" (lol just kidding, there is no Heists).

Toaster4231: 2:39 those windmills are going HAM

2KArenas: This trailer didn't mention the amount of morons there would be blowing you up for no reason.

LawrenceB1: What a lot of lies: 0:11 I never saw any police buffalo's in online 0:36 That deathmatch is actually boring 0:43 No one plays arm wrestling 0:46 That kind of activity never gonna be in a public session, because the community sucks, you can't get closer of any player before get shooted or blowed up 1:02 I never saw that kind of roadblocks 1:06 I never saw any cheetah or other super car in the map to get stolen 1:10 Heist delayed... Again . 1:26 I never played a mission with that organization everyone is like "Fuck off just destroy everything with the RPG" 1:36 That clothes doesn't exist 2:00 You can't cruise around (Read 0:46 reason) 2:36 The community jobs are: Races: A lot of ramps in the air with no sense Deathmatch: "Unlimited $$$$$$$$&RP" bullshit Based in my experience playing this game 

CV9: Gta online lobbies: -children talking trash in game chat -douchebags killing you for no reason -kids "trolling" you by pissing you off -100000000000 cops -douchebags in jets -war 

mrjokerman96: And they didn't sayed anything about the little kid that kills you for no reason.

ICantSplel: I stopped playing when the game decided I was a bad sport because I kept jerry canning my friends car... He was doing it too, just a bit of fun then the game says fuck you, you're a cunt, go play by yourself.


Budderedupbro: TACKLE A HIEST....when rockstar give a shit about adding them

mixachili: Can i play it on Pirated GTA for PC? Is there any way, or should i buy it?

Nathen Drake: +Jack Mitchell this is how gta online should be , working as a team. Not full of camping players trying to kill you everytime

Aarif Nagdee: Watching this again just to remember how awesome the first time I watched this was, and all I see are comments complaining, "Rockstar lied to me waa waa" or "GTA Online is full of pricks who want to kill everyone". Have you ever, in this year and a half heard of Invite Only Session? If you don't want to play by yourself, maybe get some fucking friends to play it with you instead of whining about how you're always alone. Bare in mind all the DLC that's been released has been completely free and hasn't required any Premium memberships or countless money-whoring. 

That Guy: Watching this cuz heists just came out lol

Se7en: Add food and fuel rockstar, that adds so many possibilities 


Vlack: All these little whiny pre-teens complaining of how gta online sucks yet all they do is play auto-aim and kill whoever they see, mindlessly customizing vehicles refusing to do anything else. Like what the fuck find some potential in it, don't expect all the fun to come at once. Here's a few tips: Take time into little things like purchasing a vehicle, don't use auto-aim (It makes gta a fucking movie), don't fucking exploit it'll ruin the fun of grinding or whatever for you, try making a second character and rising above the ranks again, etc. I swear this pattern for moving along games quickly originated from cod's "1 game a year" thing.

Smoka Cola: Tackle a heist... 2 YEARS LATER.