Grand Theft Auto Online: Official Gameplay Video

Watch the new Official Gameplay Video for Grand Theft Auto Online - which shows how we've taken the fundamental GTA concepts of freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and made them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and responsive online world. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you'll have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions, band together to participate in activities and ambient events, or compete in traditional game modes with the entire community, all with the personality and refined mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V. Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.

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Mark Lewis: Ways to make GTA 5/Online for Next-Gen/PC better: 1. Heists (Obviously) 2. Add VTOL (Hydra), Hunter, more Monster Trucks, Stallion, Classic Versions of cars (Classic Cheetah, Classic Patriot, Classic Infernus, and other classic versions of cars), the old Faggio from Vice City, The Stinger GT(from online, add it to SP. Same with the Annihalator), and other cars and aircrafts that were shown in the trailer but not in the game or ones that were in previous GTA games. 3. Gloves (to wear with anything) 4. Bulletproof Windows for cars 5. Ability to drive trains in Singleplayer and/or online 6. Bring back the normal payouts and amounts of RP for jobs Online (Which will probably not happen) 7. Make Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell, Lucky Plucker, Ring Of Fire, An inside gym and/or the beach gym, horse track, the stadium in front of the Vinewood sign, basketball court, baseball field, the other strip club, Casino, Pizza restaurant, and other places accessible and usable 8. Make our online characters look better, they look so lifeless and bored all the time 9. Stock market usable online 10. I know this one is a bit over the top and will never happen but, add Liberty City, Vice City, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and North Yankton. We could go to the airport and either get a plane and fly there or use a plane ticket and just take a plane 11. A 3rd Garage. Seriously this would make sense because of all the new cars they add. 12. Combat Shotgun, UZI Pistol, Assault Pistol, Machete, Flamethrower, Revolvers, Bazooka (almost the same as an RPG), Chainsaws, Wrench, Assault Sniper, Combat Sniper (was in VC, 4, and maybe in other GTA Games, I can't remember), Striker Shotgun, Automatic SMG (was in Vice City and San Andreas), Pipe bombs, SMAW, Brass knuckles and other weapons that are from previous GTA games. 13. More to singleplayer. Like Michael and Trevor's past or Franklin and Lamar's past. Also, have Michael meet Lamar, Lamar met Trevor so it would make sense for him to meet Michael as well. A prequel before the prologue. More side missions for Michael. 14. The Mount Chiliad Mystery to be solved 15. Jetpack (Maybe part of the Mount Chiliad mystery because of that picture) 16. Allow us to have pets in online 17. Let us save custom outfits online 18. Bring back old GTA protagonists clothes to put on our singleplayer/online character. Like what they did with Niko in IV, let you wear Claude (From 3) clothes 19. Make more NPCs fight back. Most of them, you punch them once, their dead. 20. Bring content from online to SP 21. Crew gun tints online 22. Ability to hold dual pistols/UZIs/Sawed-Off Shotguns 23. Graffiti spray paint (like in San Andreas.) 24. If there is not a collectors edition for next gen/pc, bring all of the collectors edition content from the 360/PS3 to next gen/PC 25. Allow us to use a Minigun/RPG in a helicopter 26. Bring back all cut missions, weapons, vehicles, etc. 27. Bring back 6 stars. Just for the hell of it (if possible) 28. Ability to roll down windows in cars 29. Ability to hold a pistol/UZI/sawed-off shotgunwith 1 hand 30. Allow us to take an unlimited amount of pictures on Snapmatic 31. Bring back the crouch feature 32. Cops and crooks 33. Ability to disable cops 34. Flares on the Lazer Jet and Hydra (If it ever gets added into the game) Continue this list if u have anything else 

SleazyRoseWalker: i'm done with GTA and R*! almost a year and no heists! you go ask them ''why?'' they'll go: ''check the newswire for latest news''! and the hackers/modders? R* doesn't give a shit, they expect you to capture the cheaters on video and then send it to them so they won't have to do a thing! they said they'll be constantly adding new stuff to the game? i thought they meant new cool groundbreaking stuff, not free crappy updates with some new cars, clothes and boring missions! and how about earning money in the game? people were complaining about money is too hard to get, what does R* do? increase the payout A LITTLE and add a new shark card, the megalodon card, which is worth 74,90€ HOLY FUCK? just so they'll get more money! and the new features/stuff that'll only be next-gen exclusives? they just want you to buy a new GTA 5 copy, which will give them even more money! R* has changed, now they're just a bunch of money sucking whores, they don't give a shit about what the players/customers want, all they care about is how to make big money! R*s gone and dead, it's only you left now, Bethesda! :) waiting for Fallout 4...


CheapestGamer: OK. I see a BUNCH of things wrong with this video now. First and foremost, heists are still NOT released. Second, I see a massive jetliner flying in the sky at the :53 second mark. Those are NOT in game online. Third, I see at around 1:34 or so that the highest price for a haircut is $120 and the highest price for clothing is $45. LIES!!! If only things in online were that cheap, but instead they're gouged out the wazoo compared to even single player. Finally, you have to first be able to make friends in this game to be able to invite them over to any apartment you may have. But most players playing this game would rather pew pew pew each other all the live long day and would stab you in the back for a piddily $1,000 bounty. So good luck making enough friends to re-create that scene from the trailer in the actual game.

Odin Allfather: promised heist still waiting. good job rockstar false advertisement

TheTechJoint: Well they definitely exaggerate fucking EVERYTHING. You meet tons of new characters? No. No one even meets anyone, you maybe talk to a couple guys at the beginning and bring Simeon a couple cars over time. But other than that, bullshit. Heists? Bullshit. It's retarded that in August of 2013 almost a YEAR ago they already had a heist ready for a trailer, yet here I am in fucking June 2014 and still NO HEISTS? WHAT THE FUCK rockstar. Lazy fucks. They also try and show off shit that never even happens. They show like the maximum 16 players all driving around and flying jets like the city is populated fully with players.. not at all. There's 16 players MAX TOTAL... spread throughout the huge map and they're all on the map. Driving by eachother and deciding to chase eachother down to randomly kill. No fun just random chaos. Obviously they didn't have the power to accomplish any better, but then don't advertise it like it's a fucking MMO. Shitty Rockstar

masterman280: It's nothing like this in the trailer. -______-

Aaron Vaughan: most of those clothes we dont even have yet

Gandalf The Grey: Why did they lie to us?

Nossnevs SWEDEN: Heist--- GTA was realesed 17 September. 1.17 UPTADE in September. 1.17 = 17 september = Wed - 1 on the 1.17 = 17 = 17 September. 1 = 1 year after GTA V was realesed or -1 month from ONLINE was realesed.

Greensky Lim: I'm watching this again, because I'm going to buy GTA V for PS4 lol

TheNOISYCar1: Ok im back and not happy!!! Im fed up with this shit 9 months 9 fucking months and still no heists!! Im done fuck you cockstar enjoy losing you company you money seeking pricks i just smashed my cd for gta v and i will never play it again fuck you and your shitty company!!!

RefleXEvoX: Wow.. I remember sitting down in my uncle's house watching this trailer on my phone. Was so excited about these new features ESPECIALLY the HEIST. I dreamt and imagined of myself having so much fun with my buddies. Plus, I was most excited about the Heist Missions in GTA Online. All of that happened a year ago and look at where we are now. Lame DLCs, no more fun in SinglePlayer after story is completed, assholes roaming around LS in GTAOnline and still no heists. I also remember in the middle of December when Rockstar "Announced" that heists are coming Early January or Mid January. 8 months later, we're still here. DISAPPOINTED.

Stangle: This Game is boring: No Heist

MrMarcusmoylan: i swear to god if they release heists all the same time as well as for xbone and ps4 and pc this will be the las game i will ever buy made by rockstar

IlikeBball234: GTA Online > Get car blown up >Get spawn killed by douchebag in tank >Getting chased and shot at by 10 year old in a chrome adder >Get shot at by any player in the same vicinity >Constantly getting chased by police Basically the online is full of potential , but there is lots of immature idiots who play it who ruin the game for everyone else. I know its called grand theft auto for a reason , but if you want to go around killing people all session how about go play deathmatch instead.

Wilfred: It's Almost 2015 and still no heists? They said next update. Next update has came and gone and nothing....they have been promising a near release since launch. Even a spring update to have them....yet nothing. I don't get it. What's with this false advertising?

Chilled Out Panda: wait didn't the original trailer say "you can create custom races, missions, heists and deathmaches."? not ""you can create custom races (pause for 1-2 seconds) and deathmaches." (2:24)

Apple Pie: i think someone should make a remake of this video. Like do exactly everything they do in the video to show how buggy and shitty the community is.

~ Bright Romeo ~: 0.29-30 that picture behind him on the wall looks similar to my account picture, only mine looks 10 times better.

Barack Obama: Sadly this awesome game is packed up of 10 year olds that glitch and mod the game.

LarsLars21: I believe there are a few things that could make GTA Online so much better for the community. 1. Heist. Everyone wants them and we need them. 2. Cops n Crooks. That is the best game mode ever. entertaining and everything. 3. We need animals and more animals online. So that we can run around in the woods getting chased by animal with our friends. 4. We need a peaceful session, for people who hate it when someone comes up and starts killing you. A session where everyone is in Passive Mode automatically but you can still use guns just can't kill. And when getting run over, you just go through the car like a ghost. Things like this would benefit everyone! Hopefully GTA V on Ps4, Xbox One & PC can deliver all these things!

Joshua Pleasant: Why can't online be like this on the video, and not be filled with douchebags.

Johnathan Love: They made it seem like there was a deep story inside GTA online. I was looking forward to that lol

misterkyler: Tackle a Heist with your friends! *Year Later* Idk bout you guys, but I had TOO much fun tackling these Heists.