Grand Theft Auto Online: Official Gameplay Video

Watch the new Official Gameplay Video for Grand Theft Auto Online - which shows how we've taken the fundamental GTA concepts of freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and made them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and responsive online world. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you'll have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions, band together to participate in activities and ambient events, or compete in traditional game modes with the entire community, all with the personality and refined mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V. Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.

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mrcoacoa123: Ways to make GTA V Next Gen better -Bring back gaining and losing weight, muscle and fat -Bring back the cut Brucie mission - Do what IV did better, "narrative pacing" -Bring back all cut missions - Make a prequel mission set before the prologue. -Make the beach gym useful -Make the casino useful -Make the horse track useful -Make Burger Shot useful, again, - GTA used to be about mayhem, not worrying about traffic on your way to a 9 round of golf. Chainsaws, hammers, monster trucks, Tanks that are not made out of paper, and more things that make the game feel like it was not holding back potential fun. -Why are there so many cut songs in this game? fix this. GTA V needs to be bigger, more radio songs -Bring back all cut content, nothing is holding the game back anymore -Bring content from Online to SP.

TheTechJoint: Well they definitely exaggerate fucking EVERYTHING. You meet tons of new characters? No. No one even meets anyone, you maybe talk to a couple guys at the beginning and bring Simeon a couple cars over time. But other than that, bullshit. Heists? Bullshit. It's retarded that in August of 2013 almost a YEAR ago they already had a heist ready for a trailer, yet here I am in fucking June 2014 and still NO HEISTS? WHAT THE FUCK rockstar. Lazy fucks. They also try and show off shit that never even happens. They show like the maximum 16 players all driving around and flying jets like the city is populated fully with players.. not at all. There's 16 players MAX TOTAL... spread throughout the huge map and they're all on the map. Driving by eachother and deciding to chase eachother down to randomly kill. No fun just random chaos. Obviously they didn't have the power to accomplish any better, but then don't advertise it like it's a fucking MMO. Shitty Rockstar

DomisLive: Best Game Ever !

John Anderson: this game sucks

Kevin Petty II: Once Watch Dogs comes out, GTA Online will be DEAD!!! 

EsechavaHD: Have you people ever thought.....maybe its not the trailer that was misleading, maybe its by because u people are so damn boring to play with

EveryThingApple: so where are our heists rockstar?

BarrettKillz: It is glitchy at the moment, but won't be on PC and current-gen consoles. Thank you consolers for Beta testing.

TheGamingWabbit: Yet now it's filled with level 100 ass holes who constantly wreck you and your buddies fun, not to mention the pay for cash meaning anyone can pull a tank out of their arse and assault you with. Gj rockstar, you almost got it perfect. So close yet so far is all that we can say at the end of the day. :'(

Alteonify: This is exactly what you got. Literally everything you see in this trailer, you can do online, except for heists (which Rockstar refuses to give us, sadly). There are glitches and exploits like every game, sure, but they didn't lie once in this trailer. So stop acting like you were deceived just because other players shoot you on sight.

MrDaantjuh13: The thing that got me so exited was heists, the thing that is not YET in the game...

Josh: I remember waiting for this trailer to come out, and when it did, I went batshit crazy over it. Looked so fun and couldn't wait to play it. Now I come out side with my car out of my garage, someone throws c4, I die, lose money, and get a bounty of 9000$ for no reason. 

Nocte Ursa: Why people are impatient about the heist ? Dude Chill , play other game if you bored ! 

HURRBIRD BIIRD: 0:14 Where is that bridge!?

TheXtremeHobo: Comments on this video in October: OMFG GTA Online is the best thing ever!! Comments on this video now: WTF this game is a piece of shit fuck R*. What happened?


Niko Bellic: Is it just me or the gameplay trailer looks better than GTA Online that we have?

ComplexRashBout: This game has crappy graphics.

Wilfred: Why is Rockstar always misleading us? A prime example would be heists ; They clearly said "prepare for heists this spring update". Spring has passed and still no heists...they didn't even announce a delay...what does that tell you? Heists are advertised in this very video since before Online was released yet...still no heists. We have been waiting for almost a year now and yet...still no heists. Why is Rockstar so butthurt at releasing heists. I think I'm gonna go put my penis in Ryan's mouth while he is asleep, then take a picture and put it on the cofee mug. It's not gay. It's funny and it's edgy. 

Juarez_DE: They should add the Boeing 747 to GTA Online..

Aditya Patel: Where the f*ck are my heists! I'm poor as shit cause the missions are hardly enough to buy shit with! cmon its been more than half a year!

gareth evans: "An ever expanding world" 5 months later... Nothing has expanded.

masterman280: It's nothing like this in the trailer. -______-

subie guy: The cops in gta v/ gta online are so damn annoying. I do the smallest little thing I'll get a star lol