Balloon Infatuation

In Arkansas, one man has an undying love for his balloons.

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HappyHappyCultist: Look closely, and you can see a bulge in his pants inflate like a balloon.

pribadi prananta: Balloon Infatuation

David Horowitz: ...

Andre Vandal: Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight #balloon #love #infatuated 

Hercules GK: Safety pin in hand, and I'm ready to go. 

Evil Kaito: meh, fuck nat geo, not all non poppers are like that. they obviously picked a person that can make audience have WTF reaction just for entertainment, and that bgm music at the end . shiiiit.

Angelica Ducado: Hey just leave him alone.. you psycho..

Chris James: This guy date this person name grim looner their a perfect match!

Kaan Subasi: Troll TV...nice...

alah huakbar: I noticed something , majority of comments like " I would go there with needle" are posted by immature hardcore gamer fags who lives in their mums basement.

Nick Baggett: "...not true at all."

Nickila Mathur: Crazy on a whole new level! :D

Che8t: Meh, if a absurd obsession with balloons is the worst that's wrong with him, I say he's doing alright. As long as the guy is happy, what do I care?

Adrian Roditis: Balloon Infatuation

Jens McGhee: If this man has ever gotten laid, I'm buying a round of beer for the entire youtube-community

Amanda Cook: um. ok?

SubparPanda: I want to see the reaction of the robber who goes into his house to rob him lol

Cee Dee: I'm not sure that anyone is stopping him or even trying too, When you decide to put yourself out there on a national, or in the case of youtube, a global sense, then you have to be prepared for peoples reactions. Just because people have different fetishes doesn't preclude you from criticism.

Wardog0004: I guess he's never heard of a blow-up doll...

SuperNostalgic: I agree.

Brock Brockson: Time to get my BB gun...

Kimiko: As strange as this is... there could be worse hobbies/interests and as long as he can make an income... the way he spends his money is up to him /shrug


mosainagant: does he fuck them?

cigbuster: Sick to the mind, eh? I am sorry to say this but Dave and other balloon people (including myself) are not harming anyone. This is a narrow-minded way of thinking. Just because we love something different than the norm does not automatically constitute it as "sick to the mind". I am sure you have your quirks or kinks that are different than mine. Should I say to you that you are sick to the mind just for having those different quirks, and is my doing such being respectful of who you are?