Balloon Infatuation

In Arkansas, one man has an undying love for his balloons.

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Monica Light: Haha omg can't stop EARTH QUAKE balloons break* lol

caller347: I want to run in there with a needle. 

Selçuk Dalaslan: Love Ballons Game in Android:

Che8t: Meh, if a absurd obsession with balloons is the worst that's wrong with him, I say he's doing alright. As long as the guy is happy, what do I care?

velliebellie: LMao! Teehehehe!

Hercules GK: Safety pin in hand, and I'm ready to go. 

Helvetica Bold: Autism.

Manly and Loving It: Bruuuuuh

alah huakbar: I noticed something , majority of comments like " I would go there with needle" are posted by immature hardcore gamer fags who lives in their mums basement.

Chris James: This guy date this person name grim looner their a perfect match!

Angelica Ducado: Hey just leave him alone.. you psycho..

Angelica Ducado: Hey just leave him alone.. you psycho..

Kaan Subasi: Troll TV...nice...

Jens McGhee: If this man has ever gotten laid, I'm buying a round of beer for the entire youtube-community

SubparPanda: I want to see the reaction of the robber who goes into his house to rob him lol

Cee Dee: I'm not sure that anyone is stopping him or even trying too, When you decide to put yourself out there on a national, or in the case of youtube, a global sense, then you have to be prepared for peoples reactions. Just because people have different fetishes doesn't preclude you from criticism.

Wardog0004: I guess he's never heard of a blow-up doll...

SuperNostalgic: I agree.

Brock Brockson: Time to get my BB gun...

Kimiko: As strange as this is... there could be worse hobbies/interests and as long as he can make an income... the way he spends his money is up to him /shrug


mosainagant: does he fuck them?

cigbuster: Sick to the mind, eh? I am sorry to say this but Dave and other balloon people (including myself) are not harming anyone. This is a narrow-minded way of thinking. Just because we love something different than the norm does not automatically constitute it as "sick to the mind". I am sure you have your quirks or kinks that are different than mine. Should I say to you that you are sick to the mind just for having those different quirks, and is my doing such being respectful of who you are?

logen99999: its strange, but he's not hurting anyone. shame they program had to play the dark music to make him look like he's totally crazy. there are genuinely crazy people out there that shoot up schools. this guy just likes balloons in the privacy of his home. fuck anyone who judges him for it.

SuperNostalgic: He has an ex.